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SinuAir® Formulated Saline Powder for Nasal Irrigation


SinuAir® is a formulated moisturizing and irrigation solution for the nose that is both effective and economical. Formulated to approximate the body's natural salinity and electrolyte composition, this unique formulation is reported in medical journals best for nasal cilia to prevent the nasal cilia from slowing due to infection, allergy, and contagion and more appropriate than regular saline. SinuAir® formulated saline powder incorporates a formula proven effective in clinical trials and highly economical. It is convenient and easy to use by just mixing with water. Useful as both an isotonic or hypertonic solution.


SinuAir powdered saline mix for nasal irrigation


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SinuAir® Formulated Saline Powder
Standard 200g Bottle (SA200)


Each package contains:

- 200g of SinuAir® powdered saline
- Refillable spray bottle
- Measuring spoon 


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SinuAir economy refill saline mix for nasal irrigation

Health Soutions
SinuAir® Formulated Saline Powder
Economy Refill 300g Bottle (SA300)


Each package contains:

- 300g of SinuAir® powdered saline.
- Measuring spoon.

*spray bottle not included w/refill


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SinuAir Saline Packets 
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  SinuAir® Formulated Saline Powder
  Pre-Measured Packets (SAPK30)

  Each package contains:

   - 30 pre-measured packets

  - Convenient for travel
  - No measuring necessary


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SinuAir® Nasal Wash System with EZ Squeeze Bottle

SinuAir® Nasal Wash System is a complete sinus care program. The nasal wash system with EZ Squeeze® bottle includes everything needed for a proper nasal irrigation technique and can be used by children as well as adults. SinuAir® gently washes away allergens, dust, and pollens. This quick easy to use system may be used anywhere at any time. It is designed for easy upright use and individual pressure control. Doctor developed and recommended for allergy and sinus conditions.

SinuAir Nasal Wash Kit with EZ squeeze nasal wash bottle


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  SinuAir® Nasal Wash System with 200g SinuAir bottle (SANW200)



  Each package contains:

  - 200gm of SinuAir® formulated saline powder for nasal solution.
  - Hypo allergenic EZ Squeeze™ bottle with form fitting nasal cap.
  - Measuring spoon for mixing with bottled or filtered water for spray or irrigation.


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EZ Squeeze® Nasal Wash Bottle
For years we have advocated using pulsating irrigation for chronic sinusitis, nasal congestion and after exposure to excess dust, diesel fumes, certain industrial chemicals. What was needed was a portable system that would remove the foreign products from the nose and help restore the ciliary function. The SinuAir® Nasal Wash System includes every thing needed for a proper nasal irrigation (lavage) technique and can be used by children as well as adults. This Lavage unit is very easy to use, inexpensive and durable. One package can be used for about 80 treatments, unlike the other nasal wash devices that are used once and need to be replaced. Key features of the Lavage bottle include:


- Designed for easy use and pressure control
- Unique bottle design allows for upright use.
- Hypo allergenic
- Bottle is designed for easy visual inspection and hygiene.
- Form fitting nasal cap for comfort and to properly seal the nostril.
- Measurements on bottle for accurate mixing of irrigating solutions.
- Measuring spoon for precise measurements and may be used to mix the solution.


Why do I need SinuAir®?

Saline nose drops are needed for most nasal and sinus conditions. They are recommended for dryness, crusting, and as an aid to normal nasal function. Saline sprays can also be used to prevent and treat nose bleeds. The nose is supposed to moisten inhaled air, helping to maintain a moist environment for the cilia in the sinuses. These cilia are the body's first line of defense against infection. The moist, mucous environment also forms a pathway for the good white cells to reach the bad bacteria that may attempt to infect the body through inhalation.


Any dryness, itching, or crusting in the nose means that a moisturizer is needed for the nose to do it's job. Saline had always been considered the most common, safe, and simple such moisturizer. Today we know that some preservatives added to insure a long shelf life can be irritating to the nose, especially when the nose is irritated already. SinuAir® was developed as a means of providing a solution for the dry irritated nose. Here is a partial list of additives found in saline nasal sprays:


Nasal Spray Additives:


Benzyl Alcohol

Thimerosal (Merthiolate)

Edetate Disodium

MonoBasic Sodium Phosphate


DiBasic Sodium Phosphate

Disodium ETA

Potassium Phosphate Monobasic



Sodium Silicoaluminate


Professor Wilbert M Boek of University Hospital, Utrecht reported that solutions containing potassium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, and salt were much better for restoring nasal/sinus cilia than those without these ingredients. SinuAir® is a formula designed to restore cilia function and avoid the use of some of the preservatives that can irritate nasal membranes.


Experience has shown that when the SinuAir® formula is used for sinus irrigation, patients get better clearing of sinus infection and post nasal drip. The measuring spoon allows for accurate measure. For best results add one teaspoon of SinuAir® to a pint of water in the SinuPulse Elite® Advanced Sinus Irrigation System. Stir, then use as directed to restore cilia and remove purulent material.


Moisturizing Spray
Using the white 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon, add 1/4 ounce SinuAir® formula powder to four ounces of water. Spray nose as needed. Change once a week. The spray bottle can be used as a spray, to irrigate directly, or just as drops.


For kids or adults with colored discharge: 3 to 4x a day.
For kids or adults with nose bleed 3 to 4 x a day
For dry weather twice a day
For smog days twice or 3x a day
To prevent nose bleeds twice a day
Use of spray bottle to irrigate:


During the pollen season can use the spray bottle as an irrigator to remove pollen from the nose. Try this 3x a day after downtown smog or diesel exposure, irrigate to remove the particular matter.


Spending four dollars or more plus tax for a penny's worth of saline solution must discourage a lot of people. With SinuAir® you get 150 or more refills of solution, refilling once a week. You simply use the 1/4 teaspoon and add to four ounces of water. You can even save the surplus for further use. So its economic to use for irrigation with the spray bottle as well.


Isotonic or Hypertonic Saline - Which is best for you?
Doctors recommend both - but which is right for you? SinuAir® unique formulation allows the user to adjust between the two methods as needed for greater individual comfort and control.


Warm Saline
Every doctor tells you to irrigate with warm saline. Warm solution helps bring more circulation to the area, and besides, it feels good. Yet, some solutions with additives can only be used at room temperature.


For many customers once they have opened the store bought saline solution and carried it about for weeks, they no longer consider it to be fresh and toss it to buy a fresh bottle. Part of this has to do with the preservatives giving a "smell" kind of sensation. With SinuAir® you know its fresh because you make it every week.


The preservative Benzalkonium Sodium causes problems with nasal sprays. Around 1985, it was noted that the number and severity of cases of rhinitis medicamentosum was increasing with increased use of benzalkonium, an antibacterial preservative found in most over-the-counter prepared saline nasal spray products. Rhinitis medicamentosum means that the nose gets stuffy and congested after use of nose drops such as oxymetazoline (Afrin™). The more the nose drops are used, the more "rebound" when the drug wears off, that is, the worse the patient gets after the drops wear off, requiring more and more use of the drops. The drops become effectively addictive, and worse, the nose is always stuffy anytime the drug is not active in the nose. Next, it was discovered that you could get rhinitis medicamentosum just form the Benzalkonium alone, as well as saline with Benzalkonium. So, it wasn't the nasal medication oxymetazoline that was responsible, but the Benzalkonium. The oxymetazoline did shrink the nose nicely, but the benzalkonim caused a rebound congestion.


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