Revolutionary Sleep Fresh® Mattress and Box Spring Encasements
    from Health Solutions Medical Products Corp.

    Unparallel Performance and Design for Dust Mite Protection and Allergy Avoidance

Sleep Fresh


CULVER CITY, Calif., October 20, 2003 – Health Solutions Medical Products Corporation, announced today an exclusive agreement to provide National Allergy Supply the worlds largest supplier of allergy and environmental control products with mattress and box spring encasements. Sleep Fresh® premium encasements from Health Solutions Medical Products Corp. utilize a patented revolutionary design incorporating super tear Duralast™ vinyl and the patented SecureZip™ zipper design resulting in an encasement which is 50% stronger in tensil strength than other leading brands and a zipper construction which is nearly tear proof, and unparalleled in quality and dust mite protection. The unique allergen tight encasement design incorporates a proprietary manufacturing process and product design to ensure a lifetime warranty and advanced dust mite protection.


Mel Tenen, Chief Executive Officer said "We are pleased to have partnered with the worlds largest allergy supplier to introduce a product of unparalleled performance and design to provide consumers with the knowledge that once they encase their mattress or box spring with our revolutionary Sleep Fresh® encasements they will provide superior dust mite protection with unparallel quality and performance for the life of the mattressSleep Fresh Encasement for Allergy Control or box springs.


"Environmental control is imperative to reducing allergens and combating allergies”, Tenen said. If exposed to allergens, such as dust mites all night in your sleep, you can wake up with a higher rate of antibodies in the morning. “Avoidance is the first step in allergy control". All you have to do is encase your box springs and mattress in dust mite proof bedding to bring about a dramatic decrease in exposure to allergens and reducing symptoms. For most people, there’s a dramatic improvement in style of life—no nasal sprays, and for people with asthma—reduced inflammation, which drives most asthmatic episodes. “It’s a proven, important way to control asthma and allergies.”


The bedding must be impenetrable to the mites and to mite fecal material to be dust mite proof. Encasements must zipper completely around the mattresses, box springs, and pillows, sealing them off with zippers covered by tape. Over the encasements, you still can sleep on your favorite sheets and pillowcases. But you need to encase comforters in dust mite proof duvet covers and use washable blankets and quilts. Sleep Fresh® mattress/boxspring encasements will be available beginning December 2003.




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